One Tyler high school senior said her career is in jeopardy because of unexpected summer school, consequential from not passing her English II STAAR test.

For three and a half hours every morning for a week, Robert E. Lee senior Sadie Isham worked on a district required project, mandatory for all seniors who failed the STAAR test.

"We just sat there basically, highlighting notes on the side of the paper," she said. "None of the kids took it seriously, because if you pass or fail the STAAR test, you're still getting your diploma in the end."

Tyler ISD spokesperson Dawn Parnell confirmed seniors who failed the English II STAAR test, but complete the mandatory project, will get their diploma. Those students are still required to take the STAAR test again, but the score will not impact graduation.

Students who failed other sections of the STAAR test, like math or science, must pass the retake exam and complete the project to get their diplomas.

Isham tells CBS19 she's frustrated because she makes good grades, but has never performed well on standardized tests.

"My grade in English when I finished was a 94, so I was passing," she said.

She's spent three years studying cosmetology through Tyler ISD's Career and Technology Center.

As proof of her performance, she was hired at a local salon in April with a promise to get on the floor as soon as she graduates.

Failing the STAAR test meant unexpected summer school.

"I had to go tell my boss, 'Hey, I need a week off,'" she said.

Isham said she can't take her practical exam in cosmetology until she has her diploma. She said she has 90 days from her official start date to get her license, and that ends on July 18.

"I'm having to read. I'm having to do homework and stuff at work instead of paying attention to clients."

Isham retakes her English II STAAR test on Wednesday morning.

The summer graduation ceremony is August 11 in Caldwell Auditorium at 6:30 p.m.