SAN ANTONIO -- Two San Antonio medics went "above and beyond" to brighten the day of one little.

A post on Facebook shows a group of San Antonio firefighters delivering a bicycle purchased by two medics from Fire House 18 for a little girl named Hope.

Rene Bocanegra and Barry Uhr responded to a call for Hope, who had fallen down the stairs but wasn't badly injured.

According to the post on the Facebook page of Eddie Gonzalez, while evaluating Hope, the two medics noticed the family didn't seem to have much financially.

Other children in the area noticed the truck and began riding their bicycles in the area near Hope's apartment.

Bocanegra noticed Hope watching the other children. So he asked her if she wished she had her own bike. She nodded her head yes, according to Gonzalez.

"He saw Hope staring at all the kids riding a bike and he took it upon himself to make Hope a promise," Gonzalez said.

Bocanegra made hope a promise that she would soon have her very own bicycle.

"Renee took it upon himself to go buy the kid a bicycle," Gonzalez said.

The two medics attempted to deliver the bike to Hope for a few shifts, but no one was home when they stopped by.

Bocanegra asked Gonzalez and the other firefighters from Engine 20 if they would try to deliver the bike for them. Bocanegra and Uhr had received a lot of calls that shift and would not be able to stop by.

Bocanegra didn't want Hope to wait any longer.

The video posted to Gonzalez's Facebook page shows the firemen delivering to Hope her brand new bicycle.

Gonzalez started recording the delivery simply to show Bocanegra that they actually delivered the bike.

"It's a joke we have," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said that the act by the two medics touched him and he wanted to make sure they received all of the credit.

"Above and beyond for a lack of better words," Gonzalez said.