A math tutor was just leaving work at North Lake College late Wednesday morning when she witnessed the shooting of a young woman in one of the school’s hallways.

Nasrin Nanbakhsh walked up just as a gunman fired three gunshots, she said.

“A girl was sitting in a chair and a guy was standing in front of her,” she said. “I saw … three times, he shot her.”

Nanbakhsh, who tutors math at North Lake College, said the shooting took place in a hallway that is typically used as an art exhibit.

She said she ran back to the room where she was working to hide. She and other faculty members closed the door, turned off the lights and tried to remain quiet, she said.

“We’ve been trained on how to handle emergencies, so I tried to remember those steps,” Nanbakhsh said.

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Nanbakhsh, shaken by the events that transpired just over an hour before she spoke to reporters, said a lot was going through her mind.

“It’s not easy, because this is the first time in my life I saw something like this happen,” she said.

One witness told WFAA that they saw police officers with high-powered rifles going room-to-room. Students were seen running out of the school with their hands up, the witness said.

Another student named Mike spoke to WFAA and said he heard people yelling in a hallway, and a man entered the room he was in, turned off the lights and locked the door. He said officers then entered the room and had students leave with their hands over their heads.

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