FLOWER MOUND, Texas -- In this first week of the New Year, many are throwing out their fresh cut Christmas trees. A North Texas woman is asking neighbors not to leave them on their curbs, but to give them to her for her camels.

That's right. Camels.

Maribeth Yarborough owns eight on her Flower Mound ranch. They are well fed and well loved by neighbors in the know. Both came into play this week when Maribeth had an idea.

"As you notice, all of our leaves have gone away," she said, referencing her bare branches above the camels' pen. "There's nothing to top feed. And I thought, why not take advantage of some of those trees?"

Those Christmas trees, once fresh but abandoned in the New Year, can make the perfect camel snack. She posted on Facebook, asking people throwing out old trees to throw them her way instead.

"I think a lot of people wanted to bring me trees out of curiosity. Like, a camel? Christmas tree? 'Are you kidding?'" said Maribeth.

Her neighbor Natalie Munch is one of 12 - and counting - who donated their trees to the cause.

"I had no idea that they would eat Christmas trees," she said. "This way it does nothing but help the environment, help the animals. It's awesome!"

It might have been sad to take off the ornaments and drag the tree out of the house, but every one of those 12 brought holiday joy to a family. And now, joy to a one and two-humped flock.

If you'd like to donate your tree to the camels, check out the Facebook post.