BASTROP, TEXAS -- If you didn't think a cute "It" costume was possible, 2-year-old Stryker Frazer is here to prove you wrong. And the story behind the photo shoot will make you emotional.

The photographer, Echo Zinsmeyer, and Frazer's mother, Hailey Liehr, are behind this amazing photo shoot.

The photographer, who is undergoing chemo, has always dreamed of reenacting one of Stephen King's most horrifying monsters because "he represents the fear in all of us."

"She's a very strong woman who has undergone so much in the past few years and did this to cheer herself up," Liehr said.

During Zinsmeyer's recent lengthy stay at the hospital while going through chemo, she had been thinking and dreaming about this photo shoot. Liehr said it helped push her through it and keep her spirits up.

Zinsmeyer said this was the best session of her life. Check out the photos here:

"All I can do is cry happy tears that I saw a vision and it came to reality," she said.

Liehr offered up her son to do this photo shoot as tribute because she is also a huge King fan.

The 2-year-old, who has only seen clips of the iconic "It" movie, was not horrified at all by his Pennywise costume or the pictures. Instead, he thought it was hilarious.

"He laughed gaily and started waving his fake severed arm," Liehr said. "My son just wanted to have fun, which he did. As he chewed on the fake severed arm he was gleefully screaming, 'HOP HOP' and skipping."