AUSTIN, Texas -- There is an effort to get more students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math -- also known as STEM -- in Texas.

While coding may look like gibberish to most folks, it's common nature for STEM students.

"I [have been] doing electronic engineering and computer coding since I was about nine. I was self-taught,” said Trevor Dublin, Innovation Academy Student.

He was just one of many students at the ‘Project Lead The Way’ annual state conference at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. Hundreds of students from 11 schools in Texas came out to show off their creations.

From water bottle crushing robots to virtual online courses, many said it’s all about changing the world and helping society.

"We're trying to make learning a fun and interactive environment -- kind of like a big video game,” said Dublin.

While virtual reality headsets can cost thousands of dollars, he and his partners were able to make one for $45.

"We're really trying to get students excited about that early learning, develop confidence,” said David Dimmett, Project Lead the Way.

Education leaders said the number of U.S. students showing interest in STEM are low, so now they're now starting as early as Kindergarten. Another anomaly they're trying to fix, girls in STEM.

"[The] Biomedical field, to where people can use that more interpersonal interaction, that many females tend to be drawn more towards,” said Michael Vogt, Computer Science Teacher.