An 8 year-old Rottweiler, comes shy of the world record, giving birth to 17 puppies last Saturday in Christoval, TX.

"We didn't know how many puppies she was going to have but we know that she had been overbred and kind of had a rough life," Kimberly Henry, a foster caregiver, said.

Georgina was a rescue dog and former stray out of a shelter in Edinburgh, TX.

Henry says, she was in labor for nearly 12 hours, giving birth to 13 boys and four girls.

"The biggest one is 15 ounces, I think that's this one that I have right here, he's a chunk," Henry said.

When it come down to feeding time, Henry has a way of telling them apart.

"I tie a little twine around their neck, so this is green, the twine is all different colors," she said.

According to reports, the litter also ties a Texas state record with a mastiff out of East Texas. Georgina also comes shy of the Guinness World record at 24 puppies.

"She's been an incredible mom. she's taking care of all of them. she's cleaned all of them. she's protective but she's also very gentle with all of them. she's doing awesome," Henry said.

For more information on how to help, you may contact Reporter JJ Maldonado at or you may visit Georgina's YouCaring account.

Editors Note: Georgina was rescued from a shelter before being euthanized. She was pregnant before being fostered by Kimberly Henry.