The Texas Rangers are investigating an officer-involved shooting in the city of Allen.

The shooting took place at 700 block of South Jupiter Road in Allen. In a media release sent out Tuesday, the shooting happened just minutes into the New Year.

Police say Mark Giurguis was shot dead while in the car with his girlfriend Jessica Davis. Police say the white truck was identified as stolen and on Tuesday afternoon the bullet-riddled truck was being looked through by investigators at Allen Police Headquarters.

Police say Giurguis tried to back into an officer at a "high rate of speed" and that's when officers fired.
Davis is currently being treated at a hospital in Plano.

Her father told News 8 that she had suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The father said, "my focus is on my daughter's health and recovery."
The incident has raised questions and the families involved tell News 8 they feel in the dark. The Allen Police Department waited 48 hours to reveal that they had shot and killed someone. On Tuesday only a written statement was available to media outlets. The Allen Police Department was not available for interviews.

A police spokesman says the two officers involved have been put on administrative leave. That is standard protocol for a shooting involving an officer, especially as an internal investigation continues.