Hundreds of women spent Mother's Day marching and protesting against Senate Bill 4, the law that bans so-called "sanctuary cities."

The rally, Texas’ Moms Fight Back, clogged the front steps of city hall because the group says Governor Greg Abbott is promoting racial profiling.

"Today is supposed to be a day of celebrating, they're not going to be celebrating, they're panicking, they're stressed, and they're really worried about their communities,” Vice President of Education Austin Montserrat Gariabay said.

Protesters, like Raymond Mendoza, believe the marches are valuable and stress that their true meaning isn't dismissed.

"People feel that all we are doing... We are creating disturbances. We are waking up the community. We are showing the community that we are here because at the current moment, they don't see us," said attendee Maricla Carvan. “We send the kids to school and educate our kids, and we support the economy."

Many banned together wearing bright red t-shirts, including city councilman Greg Casar, showing support for immigrant mothers and Texas families.

“We are letting them know what their rights are,” Gariabay said.

After music and special speakers, crowds marched their way onto the streets of Congress toward the Governor's Mansion.

"When I saw my community stand up, I decided to stand with my community as well,” Mendoza said.

The group hopes state leaders will see they won't back down, instead, they say they’re prepared for the next big protest.