SAN ANTONIO -- Sariyah Solis, 16, waved a flag with a thin blue line as a sign of respect to San Antonio Police Officer Miguel Moreno and his family.

Solis came to the Sandau Road overpass at Highway 281 and watched as the funeral procession passed beneath her feet.

Watching hundreds of motorcycles pass in review with their lights ablaze, Solis said that she became interested in law enforcement at an early age.

“I've always admired the thin blue line because my stepdad has told me stories. What they do and the way they put their life on the line for us is honestly really great,” said Solis, who noted that she is considering a career in law enforcement. “Me being a part of the Police Explorers at John Marshall High School has showed me and given me a lot of insight into what the police force actually does. Learning the things I have in that program and trying to practice what they do is incredibly hard. And to know that they go and do that every single day is, honestly, really impressive.”

Solis also said that she wanted to stand with the law enforcement community to show the Moreno family she appreciates their sacrifice.

“It's really, really sad to see how people treat these officers knowing that they put their lives on the line for us every single day,” she said. “And I couldn't even begin to imagine what the family is going through.”

Solis said that she remains undaunted about pursuing what is obviously a dangerous profession.

"They ask why I continue to do it and I honestly want to do it for the people. I want to do it knowing that I can serve my community and make a difference.”