Madison Coe, 14, loved everybody and everything, according to her grandmother. The straight-A student was set to start high school in League City in the fall, but she died in a freak accident over the weekend in New Mexico.

She was electrocuted in the bathtub when she dropped her cellphone in the water.

Coe was in Lovington, N.M. visiting her father for the summer. The Lubbock teen was set to move with her father to the Houston area in the fall for high school.

Coe's family said while she was in the bath Saturday, they believe she reached for her phone (a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus), but the phone was plugged into a charger as well as an extension cord at the time.

"I don't know if she reached out with a wet hand to try and pick it up or it fell into the bathtub with her the end result is still the same," said Logan Coe, Madison's father over Skype.

Coe is a firefighter and paramedic and did what he could as did arriving paramedics, but it was too late.

"This is just one of many examples of people not being able to set down their cellphones. We're all guilty of it in this day and age," Coe said.

At this point, her family doesn't know if the phone was ever in the tub with Madison. They're also not sure if the extension cord or circuit breaker were faulty.

The family is hoping this case raises awareness about the dangers of cell phones to families around the country.

"She was a borrowed angel and heaven has her back," said Felisha Owens, Madison's step-mother. "We were very blessed to have had the time we had with her. She'll be forever missed, forever loved, and never forgotten. She was our Maddie pie."

The family is now waiting an autopsy. If you'd like to help them, several family members have set up a GoFundme page.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking into the incident. They recommend several things safety wise:

  • Never use cord-connected appliances while in the bathtub
  • Don't charge your phone near water
  • Make sure the plugs in your bathrooms and kitchen are up to date

They now make plugs where the power shuts off when the current is flowing in an unintended path.