McKamy Middle School is serious about basketball. As their coach put it, they’re used to winning. But for London Roberson, it’s more than a game.

“It makes me feel good and happy and proud," said the 8th grader.

She’s not on the basketball team, but London is using her athleticism to raise money for the American Heart Association.

“London has raised a research grant before,” said Heather Johnson with the American Heart Association.

The unassuming, shy 13-year-old has raised over $55,000 through Jump Rope for Heart – and Hoops for Heart. She started fundraising in kindergarten.

London Roberson

“She brought me a flier and said we need to start helping people,” said London’s mom Tracey.

London knows the struggles of heart disease. She lost one grandfather to a heart attack. Her other grandfather recently had a quintuple bypass. Then, there are her parents.

“Her dad was born with a hole in his heart that was fixed when he was 4, and he's doing great,” said Tracey, who has lived through her own heart problems. “I had left internal carotid artery,” she said, now two years post-surgery.

London Roberson

London has grown up very aware of the gravity of it all.

“I don't want other people to go through what they had to go through,” London told News 8 walking the halls of her Flower Mound school.

Back to basketball — it’ll be students versus teachers for the matchup at McKamy on February 24. London expects her team to win.

“I raised enough money to help other people, and I want to keep doing that," said London.

“We’ve had her tested and her heart is perfect,” said her mom.

A quiet girl filled with compassion — and yes, a perfect and generous heart.

“We're very proud of what she does and we hope that she continues to do this," said Tracey.

London raises an average of $6,000 every year. This year, her goal is $10,000.

To help the American Heart Association, you can donate directly to London’s page.