A real Texas State Senate bill based, in part, on fake news, seeks to protect certain monuments.

That includes the landmark Sam Houston statue in Hermann Park.

You’ll find no mention of Sam Houston being a slave owner on the monument. But that’s a piece of the Texas founding father’s past that sparked the fake news story this summer.

It was perpetuated by a Facebook post by a bogus group calling for the statue’s removal. Dozens gathered days later to rally for its protection.

“To those who believe it should come down, if I could do so today, I would send cannon fire in their direction,” said one protestor during the rally.

They got duped along with a number of news outlets.

Now Republican State Senator Brandon Creighton of Conroe says the Hermann Park landmark is one reason he filed a new bill. It aims at protecting any monument that has existed on public grounds for more than 40 years.

“Well, I mean, it’s just been here for a while,“ said park visitor Malcolm Eubanks. “I don’t think they should take it down.”

All of the visitors we spoke with believe the Sam Houston statue is worth protecting.

“I think from a historical standpoint, it’s good to keep them up,” Zell Gaston said. “And maybe you disagree with them, but at least we can learn from it.”

First erected in 1925, the Sam Houston monument is probably secure whether or not efforts to keep it put are even necessary.

In a news release, Sen. Creighton also mentions a confederate monument in San Antonio and the current effort to remove it from a public park.

Similar monuments across the country have recently been dismantled.

Here are links to Creighton’s proposed bill and news release:

Creighton Files SB 112 by KHOU on Scribd

SB00112I by KHOU on Scribd