AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Attorney General is dealing with a big pest problem.

About 450 employees have had to relocate after rodents made their way inside the child support offices on East Oltorf.

The AG's office said they suspect during construction late last week that pests – including rodents and even insects – got inside the building.

HVAC units were being installed on the roof.

Employees started calling KVUE when workers discovered rodents inside.

The state's AG office said it decided to relocate the hundreds of employees to field offices across Central Texas because of their safety during the extermination process.

"We wanted to make sure we focused on health ... work environment," said Annette Hernandez, spokesperson for the AG's Child Support Division. "Making sure our staff had the best work environment we could possibly provide them."

Hernandez said another reason employees were moved was because of a painting job that is still being finished on the building.

Most of the employees have been relocated within Austin but some went to San Marcos.

The AG's office said no child support service business has been interrupted due to the move.

According to the AG's office, it may take up to two weeks for employees to return to the child support administrative building.