FORT WORTH -- It's not the history they expected to witness, but a Fort Worth mother and her young daughter are headed to Washington for the inauguration.

"We're making lemonade out of lemons," said Amy Custer Williams. "I had to explain to her what that colloquialism meant."

Williams' daughter, Harper, will turn 10 this month. She's young, but she's got lots of thoughts about politics, and Amy thought the inauguration would be a perfect first visit to Washington D.C. She assumed they'd be seeing the swearing in of President Hillary Clinton.

"I was going to take my daughter on her tenth birthday to see the first woman president inaugurated. That just sounded like the coolest thing ever," said Williams. "It was basically like betting on Secretariat. I really thought that that was what was going to happen."

Back in August during the height of the campaign, she bought plane tickets, found a place to stay and started making plans. Of course, their chosen candidate did not win, and now mom and daughter are worried about the next occupant of the White House, President-elect Donald Trump.

"He's the President-elect. And when he takes office, I really hope that he is able to help this country," said Williams. "I do not want rights taken away."

The plane tickets were nonrefundable, but Williams thought about canceling their trip.

"I really don't want to be there [for the inauguration]," said Williams.

"I thought we weren't going to go," said Harper.

But then they heard about the Women's March, an enormous gathering planned on the mall the day after the inauguration. They decided to go ahead with the trip, but instead of attending inaugural festivities, they'll join the march.

"I know this is something she'll remember forever," said Williams.

They'll be there to make their voices heard and be part of history, even if it's not the outcome they hoped.

"It's okay to be upset, but the way you react is really important," said Williams.