MESQUITE, Texas -- A teenager is nursing head injuries after an act of road rage ended in a shooting.

Sejah Qamoum, 17, was released from the hospital on Tuesday. Her head was grazed by bullet fragments after an unknown gunmen fired shots into the car she was driving early Monday morning.

"It was scary at first,” Qamoum said as she described the shooting incident.

The teen was with her 19-year-old boyfriend and two other passengers when someone shot at them.

“I put my life in God’s hands,” she said.

Qamoum was driving from Arkansas into the Dallas area. She was preparing to merge onto I-635. She says two men in a black four-door sedan were right on her bumper.

"I just thought they got mad or something, because I was going slow, they were trying to make me go faster,” Qamoum explained.

That’s when Qamoum says they took their shot.

"It’s pretty frightful if you ask me,” said Oseas Cervantes. A bullet pierced the couple’s window. It penetrated the driver’s side headrest.

A fragment from the bullet grazed Qamoum’s head. "It gave me a brain bleed,” the teen explained. “They gave me staples. They said it should be ok.”

For now, the teens and their families say they are focused on nursing Qamoum’s injuries.

"I’m just hoping they catch the guy who did it. Bring some justice," Cervantes said.

The teens say they do not feel comfortable driving, knowing the gunmen are still on the roads.

They are urging anyone with information about the road rage shooting to call Mesquite Police Department.