WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas -- A Taylor church flooded with raw sewage is now looking for ways to clean up the mess without much help from the city or the owners of the building.

Victory Temple lost about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of instruments, pews and equipment on Feb. 19.

"There are at least two pipes in there that were not capped off that the sewage was coming up through," said Pastor Valerie Henry.

She showed KVUE the inside of the church from the door.

"Can't go in," Henry said. "We've contacted professionals and they said do not go in."

KVUE contacted sewage clean up companies and they all said the same thing; the damage could cost the building's owners between $30,000 to $70,000 to repair.

The day after the initial flooding, the situation became worse.

"Monday morning, Presidents' Day, the city was closed but, went down to the yard and they had a couple guys.. they came down, went up the alley and blew the rest of it into the church," Henry said.

"No one wants to take responsibility and someone is at fault here," she said. "I believe jointly the city and the owners. We're just caught in the middle."

Henry said the owners have already sold the building and don't want to comment.

 The city of Taylor confirms the owners filed a claim and it's in the hands of their insurance company.

There's no timeframe on when that could be resolved.