COLLEGE STATION, Texas - When placed in a potential life threatening situation, sometimes the body's natural reaction is to freeze up or buckle.

However, now officers with the Texas A&M Police Department are offering self-defense courses to combat this reaction called SHARP or Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention.

Master Officer Kristi Hosea has been an instructor since the program began and says it is geared toward helping participants develop a survival mindset.

"In defending yourself, it's really important to remain calm, get loud, and attract attention. If you remain calm you can keep thinking and think your way out of a situation.

The program began in 2009 and each workshop is taught by a certified instructor from the University Police Department or the Brazos County Sheriff's Office.

The four hour course is broken down into two parts, a classroom portion that teaches participants how the body reacts in high stress situations and a hands on portion on how to defend yourself in an active assault.

Each participant receives realistic and effective training in order to counter potential sexual harassment and assault threats.

These free courses are available to anyone affiliated with Texas A&M and information on upcoming courses and how to register can be found through the TAMU CLEAR page.