Dallas city leaders on Wednesday said executives from wireless carrier T-Mobile will stay in Dallas until a solution to the problem of excessive 911 wait times is resolved.

Mayor Mike Rawlings said the issue has been known by T-Mobile since October 2016 and was disappointed the cell provider did not send personnel to Dallas sooner.

"We need immediate answers, and we need to do everything we can to fix this," Rawlings said. "We've had long and frank conversations about this is the number one priority we are facing right now as a city. They (T-Mobile) say that they are behind us and are going to work with us. I will stay frustrated and I will stay a pain until it is."

His remarks came as the second death attributed to the 911 wait time issue was revealed publicly.

David Taffet, a reporter for the Dallas Voice, posted on Wednesday that his husband Brian Cross passed away on March 6 after being on hold with 911 for over 20 minutes.

T-Mobile vice president David Carey urged Dallas residents, until a fix is established, to not hang up on 911 and remain on hold.

In an exchange with Rawlings at a press conference on Wednesday, Taffet explained he remained on hold while his husband stopped breathing and was hung up on.

"My husband died last Monday. How many others have died," Taffet asked.

"Well, we are looking into every issue around this. We need to get to the facts on every issue and any fatality around this," Rawlings said.

"I want to make sure you understand to keep your phone open, I was doing chest compressions on my husband and the called dropped."