AUSTIN, Texas -- A man claims someone painted a swastika on his wife's car and he believes it's the same person who's vandalized his property before.

Monday morning, Ronald Krueger's wife was headed to work from her South Austin neighborhood of 25 years.

"She got out to her car and there was a big pink swastika on her driver's door," Krueger said. "She came and woke me up. She was, you know, upset about it."

The Krueger's made a police report, but said they didn't take a picture of the swastika.

Word quickly spread on the social media site Nextdoor. That's how thier neighbor, Corey Gusnowski, heard about it.

"It's totally out of the ordinary, totally out of the ordinary," Gusnowski said.

Austin police told KVUE there's only one police report of a swastika spray painted on a car Monday in South Austin, but that there might be another case nearby. From an Austin Police Department statement:

... a "symbol" was painted on the car. It's in the 2500 block of Thornton and was reported at 3:23 p.m. on June 13, 2017. This not far from the case on Kinney Ave and is possibly related.

Krueger said the whole thing is likely politically motivated.

"It might have something to do with my anti-Trump sign," Krueger said. "The people kept stealing them and I've moved and higher and they'd steal them again."

He doesn't know who painted the swastika, but thinks it's the same person who's stealing his anti-Trump signs.

"When they kept stealing my signs, I wrote some sort of a note that said, 'That's kind of a Nazi thing to do,' and next thing I know I get a Nazi sign," he said.

Even if it is political rivalry, Austin police said they're investigating and taking the case very seriously. Police ask you to call 512-974-8209 if you have information about the case.