Two people have been arrested and charged in connection with defacing Enchanted Rock on March 20.

According to the City of San Marcos, Charles Agawereh, 24, and Meredith Baird, 21, both of San Marcos, have been arrested. The pair is accused of painting graffiti on the south face of the summit at Enchanted Rock State Park.

Police said a photograph of the suspects in front of the graffiti placed on social media led to information identifying them.

San Marcos police said Agawereh had been arrested Jan. 15 on felony charges of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance (cocaine). Detectives said the nickname “Ca$h” was linked to Baird while Agawereh’s nickname “Truck” was already known to police.

A state felony graffiti charge carries a penalty of up to two years in state jail and a $10,000 fine if convicted.

Both Agawereh and Baird also face narcotics charges for marijuana, amphetamine pills and ecstasy found in their apartment when they were arrested. The ecstasy and amphetamine charges are felonies while the marijuana charge is a misdemeanor.

Pair believe to have tagged Enchanted Rock on March 20, 2016.