Lizbeth Suarez is the smiling young woman in photos surrounded by candles and flowers.

“She was a character,” says her sister, Diana Mejicanos. “She was very funny.”

Lizbeth will never be coming home again.

“Me and her were always together. Everywhere,” she said. “I always told her I didn't know what I’d do without her.”

Lizbeth, 20, died early Sunday after the family’s SUV was hit by a stolen tractor traveling the wrong way down the Stemmons Freeway.

Police are still trying to identify the driver of the tractor, who fled the scene of the accident.

That tractor belonged to the City of Dallas. It had just been stolen from city employees working on water line on Walnut Hill Lane about 5:20 a.m. The keys had been left in the ignition. They wrongly thought it was another employee that had driven off in it to get something to eat.

A city spokeswoman said water utilities employees will be interviewed to find out how it happened and whether any city policies were violated.

Around the time the tractor was stolen, Lizbeth was picking up her sister from work early Sunday. They were driving north on the freeway when it happened.

“I saw it last minute,” Mejicanos says. “That's when she told me, ‘Oh my god.’’’

The tractor’s front loader had swung out into another lane. Mejicanos tried to avoid hitting it, but it crushed the passenger side of the SUV, killing Lizbeth.

“I just told her, ‘Stay with me, stay with me. Stay with me,’ and then when I grabbed her I tried to hug her and when I saw her neck she was just bleeding out,” Mejicanos says.

A bystander stopped to help them.

The man driving the tractor hopped off the piece of equipment, looked Mejicanos right in the face and ran away.

“He didn't say nothing,” she said. “I mean why run? I was asking for help. You saw the way I was freaking out. You heard me. I was screaming from the top of my lungs. You know so I know you heard me and he still fled.”

Diane wants to believe that her sister heard her voice as she took her last breaths.

“I mean I know she heard me when I called her name,” she said.

She's hoping that someone out there knows who that man was and helps her find justice. He left behind blood in the cab of that tractor. Police are hoping that might help them find him.