VICTORIA, Texas -- There's been an overwhelming show of support for members of a mosque in Victoria that caught fire over the weekend.

We still don't know what started the fire, but at a time when we've seen the nation divided over immigration, this is a story of bringing people together.

The walls maybe burned, but the mosque's message still stands.

"From Africa to Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom," said Dr. Shahid Hashmi, President of the Victoria Islamic Center.

Support is coming in from around the world.

"Exactly, this is unbelievable and so uplifting I can not thank enough. I can not thank God enough, I can not think the supporting people enough," Hashmi said.

The fire started just after 2 a.m. Saturday. Someone broke into the mosque nine days ago, but investigators say it's too early to know if it's connected.

"What the spark really did, instead of dividing us, it united us," said Dr. Gary Branfman, a Jewish community leader.

United in a prayer for peace, hundreds of people turned out for a community service. Donations are pouring in on a Go Fund Me page to show the world generosity from strangers can rebuild these walls.

"It just gives you a confirmation of the faith in humanity, that is all it is, there is much more good in this world, than bad. Only a minority may have in heart and mind bad. But the majority the faith, color it doesn't matter, good always wins," Hashmi said.