COLLEGE STATION, Texas - After Texas A&M President Michael K. Young's email to students and staff Wednesday, which reminded them about embracing diversity regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation or immigration status, KAGS took those words to campus to see what students had to say about the topic.

Upon arriving to campus, we encountered student Elizabeth Cline and agreed to ask her fellow students about inclusiveness on campus.

"Do you think that the Texas A&M campus is inclusive regarding race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation?" she asked student Cameron McGuire.

"I personally haven't ever met anybody who's exclusive of any religion or race or sexual orientation," said McGuire. "That being said, I don't think it's impossible that those people exist here."

Cline also asked Melina Horstman.

"It's the Aggie family," said Horstman. "We all stand hand in hand. So I do think it's an inclusive campus for the most part. "

Student Sade Hill also gave her response to the question.

"Honestly, I think A&M has came a long way but then we have a lot more work to do," said Hill. "Let's see, do I think they're inclusive? Yes in some ways. I've had bad experiences where a lot of the students are very close-minded and they're not exactly ready for progression, at least concerning race."

After we wrapped the round of interviews, we asked Cline how she felt it went.

"I was surprised by how many people didn't feel kind of like there was anything wrong," she said. "I was kind of expecting more people to speak up about things and their frustrations."

Cline said she hasn't experienced intolerance or really seen any. However, she says the conversation is necessary.

It was kind of eye opening for me hearing other people's point of views rather than just my own," she said.