Bexar County really dodged a bullet with the latest round of spring storms on Tuesday, but surrounding counties weren’t so lucky. Areas to the east and northeast of Bexar County weren't so lucky. They saw three to seven inches of rain.

It was an ugly afternoon to be out on San Antonio roads. The heavy rain was giving drivers a difficult time, and just as rush hour was about to get underway. It left the roads slick and kept first responders busy. Further up I-35 in New Braunfels, emergency crews were on stand-by, monitoring the rivers as the water was moving quickly. Some drivers pushed their luck and, in some cases, got stranded in water.

Just west of New Braunfels, the winds were a problem in the town of Zorn, knocking over a large fireworks stand. Crews had to shut down a road as water rose several feet above ground-level.

Not far from there in Seguin, the wind gusts were strong enough to snap a large tree. One neighborhood saw its street turn into a river. A viewer posted a video to the KENS 5 Facebook page showing kids tubing in the street.

Ramon Esquivel lives on that same street. He said that, at one point, the water was just feet away from his front door.

“Today was probably the worst I’ve seen it here. We’ve been here a year and half and yeah, it was pretty bad,” Esquivel said.

He just hopes all the water on his street goes down before more storms hit.

“[I'm] pretty nervous," Esquivel noted. "I mean, I work 10 minutes from here, but it’s still not close enough to check on it during the day when it gets like this, but flood insurance helps a lot of kind of eases it, but still pretty nerve wrecking."