SAN ANTONIO - All across the country, the controversial issue of Confederate statues and monuments is taking center stage. It’s even playing out right here in San Antonio with a Confederate monument at Travis Park downtown.

So when could city council come to a decision?

The Council consideration request submitted by councilmen Roberto Trevino and William “Cruz” Shaw, proposed to remove the Confederate monument, with the intention to move it somewhere else.

When asked if there was any rush on behalf of the city to get the proposal approved sooner than later, Trevino said, “Well, you know I think we want to do this expeditiously. There’s no reason to prolong a vote for this, so if the mayor feels that the time is right to take this to a vote, then that’s his prerogative.”

The mayor’s office told KHOU sister station KENS 5 it plans to follow the process in place that allows for continued public discussion and ultimately a full council vote.

When a vote could actually happen remains to be seen.

“I think we have to respect the fact that the monument represents people from our community that sacrificed and many of them did not return home,” Rusty Mayhan said.

Mayhan is a member of the group Sons of Confederate Veterans. He does not want to see the process rushed and wants to be a vital part of the relocation process if the monument is moved.

“I think it might be a cool idea for the city to get on board with having a military park and you can put the confederate monument and the Spanish American war, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, you can put all these things in one park,” said Mayhan. “I don’t like it, but I’d be okay with it.”

“We want to reassure people we’re not discarding the monument, we realize that there’s some historic value in the monument itself,” Trevino said.

The mayor’s office stressed it is important the process play out in a safe and orderly manner. Councilman Trevino said he does not have a preference on whether it goes straight to the council for a vote or governance committee, he just wants it to get a vote.