Local and state officials have hired consulting group PGAV Destinations, based out of St. Louis, to help figure out what to do with the sacred grounds at The Alamo. They'll be helping to get feedback from stakeholders across the state about how to move forward with the church's design.

Becky Dinnin, with the Remember The Alamo Foundation, said that the group will be speaking with people from Amarillo, Tyler, and Longview about their Alamo stories and how they think the history made there should be interpreted through its design.

Some San Antonio's aren't welcoming the help, though.

"I think the fine folks of St. Louis probably have a good idea of what’s going on up there. But I find it hard that anybody out of the city, let alone out of the state, is really going to be understanding and sensitive to really what it means to San Antonio,” resident Noah Peterson said.

Others, however, are all for the group assisting.

"It's nice to have a fresh perspective," resident Alicia Spence-Schlesinger said. "It's always nice to bring in an outsider just to kind of help us appreciate our own view."

The Alamo Master Plan Management Committee says that they searched across the country to find the right group for the project and the right one just happened to be in St. Louis.