DALLAS -- After racist, inflammatory flyers shook SMU's campus this week, a student is striking back with her own eye-grabbing flyers.

Flyers with the headline 'Why White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men' were posted in at least two campus buildings, with photos of blonde women and claims that black men are dangerous and unintelligent.

SMU quickly condemned the posts, sharing a letter from the University President. They also held public meetings for students and other community members to discuss the incident, but SMU Sophomore Emily Walker wanted to do something more.

"I was distraught," Walker said. "I took it upon myself to make a flyer that was positive."

Walker, 24, is a white woman and an athletic trainer for SMU's sports teams who counts many black athletes as friends, so she created her own flyer headlined 'Why White Women Should Date Black Men.'

She says her flyer is intended to lift up instead of tearing down using what she said were tongue-in-cheek stereotypes.

"Black Men are More Likely to Sexually Satisfy ALL WOMEN," the flyer reads in part.

"The context of my paper was not only to be comical, but educational," Walker said.

She rebutted the claims of the initial flyer, particularly those regarding intelligence.

"Mixed children having low IQs? That is completely false. I've taken genetic classes to know that it's contradictory to the science that we have," she said.

Walker printed out 150 flyers, signed at the bottom by "an educated pre-med white female student." She took three hours to post them in buildings around campus, and she said the response has been positive, particularly among black classmates who felt marginalized by the original flyers.

"I have had zero bad feedback ever," she said.

She believes that women should date whomever the want. And she wants black students to know she has their backs.

"To let the people know that white women don't believe that," she said. "Whoever posted that, they did not win."