Anger, disappointment, regret. Words used by protestors upset over the election of Donald Trump.

This group, hundreds strong, was the second to pass through downtown Austin today with potent words for the President-elect.

They walked from campus to Congress and back again, blocking bridges and chanting "out of your jobs and into the streets" to onlookers.

One group on campus responded by raising their fists in solidarity.

A woman along the route said "They should be able to express themselves. If our vote didn't count the way we wanted, we should go do it."

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo and City Councilmember Greg Casar joined the march, seemingly energizing the crowd.

Casar said "We need to begin to resist. I'm here supporting our community as we begin to fight back as a city against Donald Trump and his policies of fear."

Some protestors were students, others tourists, all believe voters made the wrong choice, except for one. A man in a Trump t-shirt said "That's the whole purpose of America. We can vote for whoever we want but guess what? At the end of the day he was elected by the electorate and that's how its gonna be. Get used to it we have to work together."

But beyond the protests and the anger, disappointment, and regret another word being carried throughout the crowd was solidarity.

UT Sophomore Josh Ellis said, "What was so powerful about this, is that we were able to stand together."