MCALLEN, Texas -- Many took to the streets today near the Texas-Mexico border in protest of Senate Bill Four vowing to fight it in every way possible.

The controversial bill, also known as SB4, was signed into law Monday over Facebook Live.

It bans sanctuary cities in the state of Texas and heavily penalizes entities and officials who do not comply with the legislation.

“Last night, Gov. Abbot signed Senate Bill Four to require all law enforcement to become immigration officers,” Juanita Valdez-Cox said.

Pro-immigration activists claim that hate lies at the heart of SB4 and the community says they will continue to fight the bill as long as necessary.

“You have individuals coming from another country to this country to form a better life. That was supposed to the foundation of America,” Monty Adams, a local protestor, said.

Abraham Diaz, a university student, expressed her concerns with the bill and explained how its passing has affected the lives of students like her.

“I’m supposed to be focused on school right now. I should be graduating in a week and now I’m worried that campus police will now have the authority to act as immigration agents,” she said.

Abbott stated in a public announcement that public safety was his top priority with SB4 furthering that objective.  

“With this bill, we are doing away with those that seek to promote lawlessness in Texas,” Abbott said.

Pro-immigration activists disagree and said they cannot and will not accept the law.

“Our community will continue to fight back, in the streets and in the courts. We will continue day in and day out, like it or not.”