It’s happened again. Less than a month after a raging gun battle involving an armed suspect, San Antonio police officers again find themselves under fire.

This time, one officer is wounded and the suspect is dead.

Giovani Casiano, 26, was the man that was killed by police after he opened fire on two officers early on Wednesday.

Broken glass and a car riddled with bullets offer silent testimony of a close-range fire fight.

Shot twice, police say that Officer Nathan Becerra returned fire and his shots hit the suspect. He and fellow officer Michael Medina killed Casiano, who they say was trying to kill them.

The shooting happened around midnight on Tuesday night at the Hilltop Oaks Apartments when a woman called for help, saying three men with guns robbed her.

Police say that the suspects were nearby and when they tried to arrest the men, a life or death fight broke out.

Police noted that Dennis Moran resisted arrest but was subdued and is now facing five charges including attempted capital murder.

The third man in the car was released without being charged, so his name is unavailable.

SAPD Chief William McManus said that Officer Becerra underwent emergency surgery and will survive the attack.

Neighbors who woke up to crime tape and carnage said that this is a time for reaching out.

“We as a community have to get better in knowing one another,” one neighbor said. “It’s so unfortunate that we live close by one another nowadays and people don’t even know their neighbor’s last name.”

Police say that they will continue to talk with witnesses as the investigation continues.