SAN ANTONIO - A deadly shooting is now at the center of a puzzling investigation.

A man is dead moments after opening up another man's van and the shooting has police trying to decide if the shooter broke the law.

As far as police know, this was a random situation ending with 39-year-old Anthony Rangel getting shot in the neck.

The incident happened in the parking lot of the Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse located in the 60 block of NE Loop 410 Monday night.

The restaurant was closed, so police said the two were not customers.

Investigators said a man in a white van parked in the business' parking lot after it closed up and got in the passenger's seat of his van.

Police said Rangel and a woman drove into the same parking lot. Rangel reportedly got out and opened up the man's van.

Officers said the van's driver opened fire, shooting Rangel in the neck.

Rangel was transported and died at University Hospital and the woman who was in the car with him was not injured.

Investigators said the shooting was caught on the surveillance system of the restaurant. It will hopefully help them determine if criminal charges are warranted in this case.