SAN ANTONIO -- A woman who was robbed at gunpoint by four men is sharing her story of survival in hopes others can stay safe.

Kari Sosa said Friday around 10 p.m. on the 7000 block of Midcrown Drive, she was with her friend about to drive to the convenience store. She said four black men approached her. She said they were wearing dark colored clothing and backpacks.

"They asked for the cell phones and when we said no, they became very agitated," recalled Sosa. "He said you don't have a cell phone? I said no, I promise. I don't have a cell phone on me. I don't."

She said then, the men pulled the bandanas from around their neck to cover their faces and pulled out their guns. Sosa said one of the men hit her over the head.

"Right here on the ball of my head," said Sosa. "I said, 'please take the car! You're getting what you want. Just please, please, please.' He just stood there. My friend was just like, leave her alone. We're doing what you want."

Sosa said one of the men kept pushing the barrel of his gun on her temple and made her start the engine.

"I started it and said, 'look, the car's yours. Just take it. Just take it!' They were like naw, naw. I thought they were going to kidnap me. I knew that if I did, I wouldn't come back," Sosa said.

After a few minutes, Sosa said the men told her to get out and they drove off with her car. San Antonio police say in a case like this, it's wise to hand over possessions that are demanded by robbers. They say it's better to give up your belongings than risk losing your life.

Sosa is grateful to walk away alive but says the robbers took more than her car. She said they stole her sense of security too.

"If I'm not keeping busy all I think about is them running up on me," said Sosa. "I very much want them found. Because they'll do it again. They didn't care. They did not care. Next time, it might be an elderly person who couldn't defend themselves at all."

The stolen car is a black, 2018 Toyota Camry with a license plate number KFV4506. It's unclear how many carjackings have occurred in San Antonio. SAPD says it falls under the same category as robberies. If you have any information about the robbery, please call (210) 207-7273.