A San Antonio couple is the target of hateful graffiti for the second time this week.

The latest FBI statistics show a rise in hate crimes nationwide. While there was a lot of talk of vitriol both during the campaign and after the election, the FBI makes no official links between the uptick in hate crimes and President-elect Donald Trump.

Sarwat Husain, president of the Council for American-Islamic Relations’ San Antonio chapter, says that in the last week, three Muslim students in the San Antonio area have been pulled out of schools by their parents because of bullying.

She says that the harassment is worse than post 9/11.

"We are terrified, no doubt about it. But we also feel that we need to be out and active," she said.

The FBI released new data showing the number of hate crimes reported to police rose nationally by 7 percent in 2015, largely because the number of hate crimes against Muslims rose almost 70 percent in that same time frame.

Drew Galloway's car was vandalized this past weekend with a homophobic slur. On Thursday, he woke up to a new incident: This time a swastika was written on his trunk.

Nick Long, the lead singer in a local band called Lonely Horse, said that he was called the n-word the day after the election and was told to go back to Africa. He says that he was shocked that an incident like that could happen in San Antonio.

"I think being in downtown San Antonio, I've never had a problem with anything like that ever,” he said. “This is where I feel most comfortable. That was a shock factor for me. That's probably why I didn't say anything to the guy.”

SAPD said that they haven't seen an increase in hate crimes since the election, but many people say that's because many of these incidents go unreported.