SAN ANTONIO -- Our Lady of Atonement Catholic Church has been focused on praying for the election for the last two months.

Phil Sevilla has been posting special prayers on the internet and helped organize a large prayer vigil recently.

"Actually we started about a month ago with ten days of prayer program,” Sevilla said. “We involved the Evangelicals and Catholics, praying together for ten days."

Sevilla said the response to the effort has been very favorable.

"And in these last few weeks, actually, here we had seven hours of prayer last week, for the election."

Sevilla said some of the faithful are fasting as well as praying, and a special version of the rosary is also circulating.

"We used a special rosary that's called a patriotic rosary to bring everybody to prayer for every state and all the souls in the state," Sevilla said.

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