SAN ANTONIO – A man confronted by a Home Depot store employee returned to attack workers and customers with a BB gun and now he’s facing criminal charges.

John Cooper Hampton, 46, of San Antonio, is facing felony charges of aggravated robbery following the incident that happened at the store located on West Sunset Road on the northside, according to information in an affidavit.

Just two days after Christmas, a store employee noticed Hampton get out of line at the cash register before paying. When asked to show his receipt, Hampton “smirked” and continued walking toward the door. The worker tried to block his exit and Hampton grabbed something out of his cart and tried to hit her with it. Other employees then came to help.

Later, Hampton and another man returned to the store and Hampton began shooting at employees with a BB gun while the other man struck an employee in the face with a stapler. The two men fled, leaving in Hampton’s vehicle, the affidavit said.

A witness reported the license number of the vehicle to police who tried to find Hampton at home but he was not there. A witness later identified Hampton in a photo line-up.

One of the victims suffered a broken tooth which required corrective surgery and also had to have a BB removed from his gum. He still has two BBs in his left arm which may not be removed. Another victim suffered swelling to her face and impact wounds to her arm.