FANNETT, Texas - A high school class ring found inside an Uber in Houston has been returned to its rightful owner in Fannett, thanks to social media.

Chase Hidalgo, also from Fannett, took an Uber from an Astros game on Saturday when the driver showed him the ring.

The name Milton Seals was engraved on it.

Hidalgo and another friend paid the driver $20 for the ring in hopes to find the owner.

After the ride, Hidalgo opened up his Facebook page and posted the lost ring on the Hamshire-Fannett community page.

That’s when dozens of people started tagging the owner on the post and in matter of minutes, Hidalgo managed to contact him.

“When you’re put in a position like that, you really don’t have a decision. There’s no decision to be made. You just do it.” Said Hidalgo.

The owner graduated from Hamshire-Fannett High School back in 1981.