BRYAN, Texas - A man is critical condition after crashing his car into a tree Monday evening.

Bryan police say the the driver of Dodge car was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic on Highway 6 when he lost control and hit a tree, near the Tabor Road exit.

"His leg was caught in there pretty good and he couldn't get out on his own and he wasn't really responsive, he was moaning in the car but he was knocked out pretty good," said Chase Sanders, a witness of the scene.

When his car caught on fire, a dozen or more people, including workers at WC Tractors, ran over with 20 fire extinguishers to help put the fire out before first responders showed up.

"When the car caught on fire.. it was like whoa maybe I should get away from this but then after we saw he was stuck in there we knew we had to help him out so it was an instinct," said Josh Lange, who helped extinguish the fire.

The driver was trapped inside his car, before the Bryan Fire Department was able to free him.

The Tabor Road exit was closed for several hours while crews worked to clear the scene.