COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Here at Texas A&M getting your Aggie ring is one of the biggest traditions. So when a former student lost hers, we found out just how big the Aggie network is.

What started out as a Facebook post about an Aggie ring found in a San Antonio pawn shop, has turned into a random act of kindness to return that ring to its rightful owner.

"One former student sprung into action and that was Dr. Clifford Dorn class of '81, and he really stepped out on faith and offered to purchase the ring," said Kathryn Greenwade Vice President for Communications with The Association of Former Students.

From there a random stranger that lived near the pawn shop offered to pick up the ring and help get it back to Texas A&M.

'He sent her $400 through pay pal to purchase that ring and just had faith that she would follow through on that, and she did," said Greenwade.

That stranger then gave the ring to a former A&M student from the class of '13 who delivered it to Dorn who then brought it to the Association of Former Students Monday morning.

Greenwade says when the association received the ring the soon realized that they still had some work to do to find its owner because the name engraved on the inside had been scratched off.

"I looked at the ring and my initial thought was wow this ring looks bad because it has been so scratched up. To the visible eye there had been no evidence that we were going to be able to determine who the owner was," said Julie Scamardo Ring Program Manager with the Association of Former Students.

After a second glance and the help of a jeweler's loupe Scamardo was able to make out the name that was once visibly there.

From there the association checked their record and were able to locate and notify the owner of that Aggie ring.

"I think her quote was, " This is the closest I'll ever feel to winning the lottery"," said Greenwade.