A controversial flier found on Southern Methodist University’s campus is causing some students to speak out about diversity and inclusion.

A flier with a headline reading “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men” was discovered in two residence halls' stairwell on Sunday, according to a University spokesperson.

“To be honest, I think it’s quite offensive,” said Malachi Haines, an SMU law student.

The flier goes on to detail reason to avoid black men. It refers to them as abusers, likely to have STDs and produce children who are not smart.

Student Jevon Shaw said, “It’s very disturbing, especially considering a lot of that stuff just isn’t true.”

Students at the private university say the fliers were found in the Armstrong Commons Dorm and in the Science building.

“I think it just perpetuates something that’s an issue in our society that hasn’t been an issue for a long time,” said student Lauren Baker. “Recently it seems like it’s resurfaced. So, it’s concerning that we’re regressing.”

The University issued a statement saying, in part, SMU condemns the racist messages on the fliers and it has no place on the campus.

Yet, students are calling the incident the latest racialized event on a campus struggling with diversity.

Student Hugh Sneed called the flier disturbing. He says it is disappointing it is not the first time something like this has happened on campus.

Sneed said, “You’re going to find racist people everywhere. I’m from San Diego, especially here in the south, you get it all the time.”

According to SMU administrators, no one knows who posted the fliers. The University confirms the images have been seen at other schools.

“It’s really disappointing,” said Shaw.

Members of the SMU Association of Black Students say they met with administrators regarding the fliers. The group also issued a list of 10 demands focused on diversity and inclusion.

”I think the key to changing these people’s minds is education,” Haines explained.

A campus meeting to discuss the flier incident and other concerns is scheduled for Wednesday,vember 16 at 8pm.