FORT WORTH, Texas -- A Fort Worth police spokesman confirms the department has placed an officer on restricted duty after a Facebook post surfaced this week.

According to the spokesman, the department is investigating a post that urged African American people to “fortify yourselves in every way possible, purchase many guns and rounds of ammunition… and be ready.” The post’s author also said, “I have been watching a few coworkers whom were definitely suspect, looking at them now all my suspicions are confirmed.”

Police say they're in the process of determining whether the officer in question actually authored the post or if someone posted it on his account.

“The officer who posted the comments in question on his Facebook page has been placed on restricted duty status," said Chief Joel Fitzgerald. "In this, and any internal investigation, we will not make any other comments until the investigation is complete.”

Police won't confirm the name of the officer, and the post has since been taken down.

Sgt. Marc Povero told News 8 the officer was put on restricted duty Thursday afternoon, once they became aware of the post. Povero said officers on restricted duty can no longer carry a gun or a badge and cannot act as a police officer.