COLLIN COUNTY, Texas -- Police in Celina are warning parents and teenagers about a suspicious man who is luring girls to take part in lewd acts.

The man came to the attention of Celina PD on May 3 when he made contact with several clothing stores that employ teen girls, police said.

"The subject asked the female employees questions about modeling and flying them out to L.A. to model. He has also asked them questions about their body features and posing nude. In one case, the subject placed his hands around a female’s waist while complimenting her body," police said.

According to business owners, the man stopped into at least three boutiques in Celina and then visited two small business in nearby Prosper.

Kerrie Turner owns Willow House Boutiques in Celina and says a young adult female employee was approached by the man in the store last Wednesday.

""He was pitching he was doing a music video in the area - needed clothes for the video and girls," Turner said.  "He was complementing her on her body and making her feel very uncomfortable."

Celina Polce said Tuesday the suspect, described as an Asian male, faces at least one misdemeanor assault charge for making physical contact with the employee.

Turner says her employee reported the incident and then she contacted fellow boutique owner Rachel Baty just a block away.

"i texted my employee and said - 'hey, has something happened' and she told me the exact same story," Baty said.

Baty operates Annie Jack Designs and General Store and says one her employees, a senior in high school, was approached the same day.

"He then he asked them to try on clothes," Baty said.

Baty says she has upgraded her security system, adding more cameras with audio and is talking with her employees about trusting their gut and speaking up.

A viewer contacted Celina PD after WFAA aired the story Tuesday and indicated someone matching the same physical description and story entered their business in Coppell late last year. 

Police say the man has been seen doing the same thing in Frisco and Prosper. They are urging teen girls to run away and dial 911 if they come in contact with him.

If you know his identity or see him, call police at (972) 382-2121.