The call themselves "the grant patrol." On Thursday, they went to 47 schools in Plano ISD and delivered $125,000 in grants.

Forty-seven schools were honored, but for the third year in a row Christie Elementary had more teachers win grants than any other school. Principal Kyle Steele says it's because of his staff's dedication.

"They stay late to write those proposals because they want to give their students a new experience and help them grow," Steele said.

The grants are issued by the Plano ISD Education Foundation, its board members and program sponsors including Park Place Lexus Plano, Alliance Data, Huawei, TAFF, The Andrea-Mennen Family Foundation, the Plano ISD Council of PTAs and Carole Greisdorf.

Teachers applied for the grants over the summer and were surprised when the "grant patrol" went from classroom to classroom announcing the winners Thursday morning. The money will help fund innovative programs designed by each teacher to further enhance the education of Plano's students.

Math teacher Christine Kallum said her goal is to make sure every student has a basic math foundation so they're not left behind.

"This will allow me to pay extra attention to students who need it so they aren't left behind as they grow," Kallum said.

The teachers say it's nice to be seen by outsiders for what they do day to day. And many say they're already coming up with their proposals for next year.

"They're always thinking outside the box," Steele said. "They never stop."