Off of a four-lane road, just north of Austin sits Pflugerville High School.

"We want it to be warm and we want it to be welcoming," said Pflugerville High School Principal Ameka Hunt.

The people there are so nice, Reader's Digest says the school is one of the 'Top Ten Nicest Places in America".

"I think what makes Pflugerville High School a really nice place is that the community really cares about each other," said Khue Tran, PHS Senior.

For instance, in the cafeteria, everyone intermingles.

"If you walk in there, you don't see like you don't see us separated by like ethnic groups or by social status; it's like a mix of everyone," said Senior Vice President Aaron Clark.

The school has also donated the most coats to 'Coats for Kids' for the past six years in a row. Each year, classrooms adopt younger students to make their Christmas wishes come true.

"I think it is probably one of the most happiest times at Pflugerville High School," said Khala Hanson, who graduated from PHS.

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