SAGINAW, Texas — A 12-year-old girl who was found Sunday after being missing for almost three days was "staying with acquaintances," police said.

According to police, Tabitha Tillery had been last seen when she left Wayside Middle School at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday. During the search, her mother said she believed Tabitha wasn't alone, and that she could've been staying with an older boy.

Police said Sunday afternoon that Tabitha "denied any abduction scenario, claiming that she stayed with acquaintances during the time of her absence."

A post on the Help Find Tabatha Tillery Facebook page stated she had been reunited with her mother and father. The post did not say where or with whom she was found.

Police said in a statement Friday they believed Tillery left the school "by her own choice."

Saginaw police worked alongside several other law enforcement agencies and and an army of volunteers.

"We could NOT have done it without the help of Saginaw, Lake Country, Springtown and so many other parents, students, teachers and many others," Sunday's Facebook post read.

Social media played a major role in the search as well.

Allison's original Facebook post was shared several thousand times in just a few hours.