AUSTIN, Texas -- Police have charged the owner of a smoke shop near West Campus after he allegedly filmed a woman while she used a restroom in his business.

According to an affidavit for Mahesh Vislavath, 22, two women asked to use the restroom after they were browsing in his smoke shop located off of Guadalupe Street on Saturday. He initially told them it was for employees only, but ultimately allowed them to use it. Police said when one of the women was using the restroom, she noticed a phone that was propped up at an angle on the counter and facing the toilet in the restroom.

She discovered that it was recording, so she told police she stopped it and handed it back to Vislavath when she got out. She said she told Vislavath to delete the footage.

While the woman was in the restroom, police said the other friend was outside in the hallway with him when he allegedly pushed her against the wall and groped her breast over her shirt. She told police that he began kissing her on the neck as she told him to "stop" and pushed him off. Vislavath allegedly said to her that she was "very tempting" as he touched his penis over his pants. That's when she said she started knocking on the bathroom door to hurry her friend inside.

When police responded and spoke with Vislavath, he eventually admitted that the phone that was found in the restroom was his and that he admitted to the recordings on his phone. Police said in one of the videos on his phone, they found footage of the woman using the restroom in the shop.

Vislavath has been charged with invasive visual recording.