SAN ANTONIO -- KENS-TV is learning more about a terrible fire that left two San Antonio children in critical condition. The family was sleeping early Sunday morning when a neighbor started banging on their door. Sadly, two sources close to the family told Eyewitness News Monday, the 6-year-old girl is not expected to make it.

“First responders, the fire department, they didn’t give up. They just kept going. A lot of respect for what they did,” said Laura Keenan.

Keenan lives just a couple of houses away from where the fire erupted around 3 a.m. Sunday on South Village Drive on the northwest side of San Antonio. Residents said a neighbor was the first one to notice the home was on fire. That neighbor ran next door and started banging on their door. Eventually, the parents woke up and escaped through their bathroom window. However, because the fire was so intense in the middle of the house, they had to go around the home to get to their children’s bedrooms. Firefighters said the parents actually hurt themselves trying to break the windows as they were trying to rescue their kids. Firefighters were able to pull the children out.

“When him (the father) and I were going around the house that's when they brought another one of the kids out, laid the kid down and started doing CPR and it just took a long time. I know it was over 20-25 minutes by the time they left in the ambulance and I don't know if they revived the child or not,” said Keenan.

“It’s very sad. You know I just can’t believe it,” said Julio Hernandez.

Hernandez also just lives a couple of houses away. He and pretty much everyone else on the block remained in shock Monday, but most of all focused on the health of the children left fighting for their lives.

“I cannot imagine. If something happened to my kid, I don’t know what to do. It’s my reason to be alive, I do everything for them,” said Hernandez.

“I mean they're a good family and that night, I really understood, it really woke me up to what family should be about. And that's what they were worried about, I mean they're sitting on the curb and their kids aren't even there with them. They had to put trust in other people,” said Keenan.

Both the neighborhood and family have started GoFundMe pages to help support the family.