SAN ANTONIO - After an 11-year-old girl heard about the death of San Antonio Police Department Officer Miguel Moreno, she took action into her own hands to raise money for his family.

Autumn Carifee has a lemonade stand she runs during the summer weekends. She said when she heard about Moreno's death, she decided to start a fundraiser.

With help from her 2-year-old brother Landon and good friend, 11-year-old Makenna Staton, they gathered all of the supplies on Saturday. The kids also designed signs to advertise the fundraiser.

For nearly five hours, they sold as much lemonade and snacks as they could.

"I decided that instead of keeping money for ourselves this day, all of the money that was raised would go to the officer's family," said Carifee.

"I didn't want my friend to be doing the lemonade stand alone, and I wanted to help the police officer's family," said Staton.

Carifee's father, Gary Nel who happens to be a SAPD officer, said he was moved to tears when his daughter brought up the idea. He said Carifee said she was sad that they lost a family member.

"It's such an oddity or such a uniqueness within the community to see somebody of such young age standing up for somebody they don't even know. They don't even understand why it happened. Yet, they stood up and said we'll raise money for it. It was very heartfelt. It really struck a chord in me," said Nel. "With her sitting out here with as hot as it is in the summer, I sat out here with them and it's just pride. I'll sing the praises of my daughter for years to come for this."

KENS 5 asked Carifee and Staton about their thoughts on police officers and they shared their opinion along with their condolences to Moreno's family.

"When I think about a San Antonio police officer, I think of someone who is willing to lay down their life for my safety," said Carifee. "We want you to know that he died protecting you all and that we're very sad that this happened. But yet, he still protected us. We're very thankful that he protected us."

"I would like to say don't think to much on the past and just think that he is with you by heart. Just know that he's always going to be with you," said Staton.

The kids raised $150 dollars and plan to give the money to Moreno's family on Wednesday.

Although Carifee has been a quite successful business owner with her lemonade stand, she only has one job in mind, and that is to become a police officer just like her father.