AUSTIN, Texas -- An Austin police officer accused of giving a sexual assault suspect confidential information related to the case has been indefinitely suspended, according to an Austin Police Department memo obtained by KVUE.

According to the memo, a woman contacted APD in November, reporting that she had been sexually assaulted by a man. Days later, she contacted APD Victim Services to say that she received texts from the alleged assaulter. One read, "If I raped you why didn't you go the hospital and get a rape kit done on you?" A second message read, "The police report told me exactly what happened."

The counselor  assigned to the case and a detective began investigating APD's database for a potential breach or leak of information connected to the alleged sexual assault. Their inquiry revealed that Officer Carlos Mayfield, who was had no involvement with the case, accessed the police report on Nov. 18.

APD later discovered that Mayfield was a Facebook friend of the suspect's mother.

When he was asked about it, he said that he was asked by the mother to look into the case and that he had no authorization to do so. He also admitted that he revealed specific details from the police report to the mother and the suspect.