SAN ANTONIO -- Texas is about to become the epicenter of a protest over a pipeline in North Dakota, as protesters hope to kill the project in the Lone Star State.

People opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota are heading to Dallas where the main protest will be, but a protest in solidarity will be happening in San Antonio, as well.

For months, demonstrators, or "water protectors,” have occupied land along the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. They have staged prayer ceremonies and called for an end to construction of a pipeline.

The $3.7 billion pipeline would cross four states ending in Illinois. It would move up to 570,000 barrels of fracked crude oil a day and would happen 92 feet below the Missouri River.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others argue it will greatly impact drinking water for millions of people downstream.

On Tuesday, demonstrators will stage a protest in the Dallas office of the Army Corps of Engineers. The Army Corps can approve or deny the final permit needed to complete construction. Protesters will be gathering at the Army Corps offices and other federal government buildings to demand rejection of the permit.

To show solidarity, a large protest is also happening here in San Antonio.

Anywhere from several hundred to a thousand people are expected at the Bank of America on Convent Street at 3 p.m.